Adaptor female insert

Ball Valve with Hose Union


Distributor 2 Exit

Distributor 2 Exit with Valve

Distributor 3 Exit

Distributor 3 Exit with Valve

Distributor 4 Exit

Distributor 4 Exit with Valve

Elbow Male / Female

End Cap Female

End Cap Male insert

Female Connector

10.00 ر.س20.00 ر.س

Female Elbow

Female Elbow Distributor

Male Connector

20.00 ر.س25.00 ر.س

Male Elbow Connector

Non – Skid Tile

Non – Skid Tile

Pex Flexible Hose

3.50 ر.س5.45 ر.س

Pex out let set

Pex pipe 16×2.2mm

Pex pipe 20×2.8mm

Pex pipe 25×2.75mm

Pex pipe 25×3.5mm

Pex pipe 32×4.5mm

Pipe Sleeve

Pipe Sleeve Red / Blue